The NIAAA Leadership Training Program is a professional development education program established in 1996 to:

*Promote the professional growth and prestige of athletic administrators

*Provide an opportunity for athletic administrators to participate in the nation's largest professional organization whose activities are directed exclusively to high school and middle school athletic administrators

*Provide education programs as a resource tool for athletic administrators

*Promote quality in all programs conducted at the national, state and local level

The MIAAA is pleased to announce that the following Leadership Training Courses will be held at our 2013 Annual Spring Conference.

LTC 501 – Philosophy, Leadership Organizations and Professional Programs

LTC 627 –Athletic Administration: Administration of Interscholastic Sports Strength & Conditioning Programs

LTC 714 – Athletic Administration: Dealing With Challenging Personalities

LTC 506 - Athletic Administration: Legal Issues II (Title IX, Sexual Harrassment)

LTC 617 – Athletic Administration: Administration of Interscholastic Sports Medicine Programs

LTC 790 - Athletic Administration: Leadership Training Instructional Methods and Techniques

LTC 701 – Athletic Administration: Administration and Application of Middle School Programs

To download 2013 LTC Course Offering Information Brochure,

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