Information about MIAAA and NIAAA Dual Membership
MIAAA and NIAAA Membership Information   

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MIAAA and NIAAA Dual Membership


1. Dual Membership and State Athletic Administrator Association


a. Benefits to athletic administrators

i. Only one check written by school district

ii. Renewal date for both memberships is consistent

iii. Guaranteed continuous coverage

iv. Membership in both organizations for $ 100

v. National dues alone for principal or teachers is well over $400


b. Process

i. State association designates a consistent time each year to collect dues

ii. State association collects dues and forms

iii. State forwards list of names and all contact information along with check to national office-state keeps membership forms

iv. National memberships are given an expiration date of one year plus—a date agreed upon by state and national office.

v. Individuals are members of the NIAAA on the date the state receives the dues


c. Fallacies

i. State membership will decline—Not in New Jersey or North Carolina, our two newest dual membership states

ii. Life insurance coverage could lapse—national office will work with state to avoid this happening

iii. Too much responsibility on state association—NIAAA membership is current when state receives dues checks, not when national office receives check


d. Personal benefits

i. Interscholastic Athletic Administration Magazine—A quarterly professional journal written by, and for, athletic administrators such as yourself

ii. NFHS News—A monthly magazine that includes the latest information on national issues affecting interscholastic athletics including timely articles that will benefit you and your staff

iii. Insurance—

1. $ 1,000,000 Excess liability insurance

2. Members who have taken LTC 501 and 504 receive an additional $ 1,000, 000 excess liability insurance

3. $ 2,500 Death benefit

4. A discount on registration fee for national conference

5. Opportunity to serve on national committees