2020-21 MIAAA Executive Committee (50 Years)



President, Mark White, CMAA – Presque Isle HS Fall 2021
Past President, Mr. Tim Spear, CAA – Gorham HS Fall 2021
1st Vice President, David Utterback – Brewer HS Fall 2021
2nd Vice President, Mr Richard Buzzell, CMAA - Marshwood HS Fall 2021
Executive Director Mr. Gerry Durgin, CMAA Fall 2021
Assistant Dir. Communication/Awards Mr. Alfred Bunky Dow, CAA MDI HS Fall 2021
Assistant Director Mr. Gary Stevens, CMAA, Thornton Academy Fall 2021
Assistant Dir. Leadership Training/Cert. Mr. Todd Livingston, CAA. So. Portland HS Fall 2021
BOARD OF DIRECTORS (5) representing each regions  
North    Ronald Ercison, CAA – Washburn District HS (1st yr., 1st term) Fall 2024
West    Craig Sickles CAA, Freeport HS (1st yr., 1st term) Fall 2025
East     Mr. John Rogers -  Woodland HS     (1st yr., 1st term)        Fall 2025
Central Molly Bishop CAA, - Oceanside HS (2nd yr., 1st term) Fall 2024
South   Dennis Walton, CMAA – Biddeford HS (1st yr., 1st term) Fall 2025
BOARD OF DIRECTORS (4) representing classes  
Class A Mr. Jason Fuller, - Lewiston HS ( 2nd yr., 2nd term)  Fall 2021
Class B Mr. Paul True - Lake Region High School (1st yr, 2nd term) Fall 2022
Class C Tracie Martin – Narraguagus HS (2nd yr., 1st term)  Fall 2024
Class D Mr Jonathan Spear - Richmond Jr/Sr. High School (1st yr, 1st term) Fall 2025
Officials Commissioner – Jeffrey Benson, CMAA Fall 2024
Athletic Trainer - John Ryan, President of Maine ATA  
Retired Athletic Administrator – Dennis Kiah, CAA Fall 2024
Middle School Athletic Administrator – Daniel MacLeod,  Wells JH Fall 2024

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